"The walls and ceiling were shaking worse than ever; dust filled the air, and through the nearest window, Harry saw bursts of green and red light so close to the foot of the castle that he knew the Death Eaters must be very near to entering the place."

This skirmish was one of the conflicts of the Battle of Hogwarts. After Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters managed to break the protective enchantments around Hogwarts Castle at midnight of 2 May, 1998, the Death Eater forces led their attack toward the Castle and fought their way through the grounds into the north battlements, where they, with the aid of giants, apparently broke into Hogwarts Castle.


Background information

"They look like they might be breaching the north battlements, they've brought giants of their own."
Aberforth Dumbledore leads a group of Hogwarts students to the north battlements[src]

After Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters managed to break the protective enchantments around Hogwarts Castle, the Battle of Hogwarts began. Duels broke out in the grounds as the Death Eaters made their way toward the Castle. A while later, the Death Eaters had made it to the foot of the Castle, and used giants to try and break into it.[1]

The skirmish

Death Eaters raid the battlements around The Quad

As Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger made their way into the Room of Requirement to look for one of Voldemort's Horcruxes, Aberforth Dumbledore led a small group of Hogwarts students into the battlements as reinforcements. Wanting to know more about her husband Remus, Nymphadora Tonks sped after them; it is unclear if she took part in the skirmish.[1]


"But she broke off as yells and shouts and the unmistakable noises of duelling filled the corridor. Harry looked around and his heart seemed to fail: Death Eaters had penetrated Hogwarts."

This skirmish resulted, apparently, in failure to the Order of the Phoenix side. A short while later, the Death Eaters had penetrated the Castle's walls and duels soon broke out at the seventh-floor corridors filling the Castle with dust, falling masonry and glass torn from windows.[1][2]

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