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This skirmish took place in the dungeon of Victor Gridley's caravan in 2011.[1][2]



Victor Gridley was a criminal who focused on procuring magical items and lived in a caravan with presumably an Extension Charm in Hogsmeade. A Skeleton Key was once stolen from him by the Nocturnal Order of Tricks and Magical Exhibitions, which was simply known as NOTME, and Gridley suspected a Hogwarts professor for it.[1]

When Kaleena Page was arrested and put into Azkaban due to the Ministry mistaking her as NOTME, Victor Gridley decided to let her son Daniel pay her debt to him by retrieving the Skeleton Key from Hogwarts, and blackmailed Daniel into doing it by threatening to release a Dementor on his sister Esme.[1]

Before Daniel could find the key, he became friends with Elliot Evers after the latter rescued him from the Forbidden Forest. Esme visited him in the Hospital Wing, and sometime after this, she was kidnapped by Gridley. Daniel had no choice but to help Gridley sneak into Hogwarts and attend Professor Neville Longbottom's Blooming Party in disguise. When his disguise was countered by Daniel's friends, he summoned his associate Mr Pronk and kidnapped Longbottom. He put both Esme and Longbottom in the dungeon of his caravan.[1]

Elliot eventually revealed himself as one of the members of NOTME, and Daniel used this information to find the Skeleton Key inside Elliot's Quidditch chest. Hoping to save his sister and Professor Longbottom's life, he and his friend went into Gridley's caravan to return the key while Ivy Warrington waited outside, but not before he used the Doubling Charm to duplicate the key.[1]

When Daniel saw Gridley, he hoped to see Esme first before giving the key to him and cast the Stunning Spell at him, but he was protected by his Shield Gloves. Daniel was then forced to give him the key and tell him the name of Elliot Evers, and when he asked to see his sister again, he and his friend was transported to the dungeon.[1]

The skirmish

Arriving at the dungeon, which held a lot of cages, the two students immediately saw Professor Longbottom who laid unconscious on the floor. There was also Esme, who awakened and was comforted by his brother. Before they could leave, some cages were opened and two Dementors were released, one of which was only recently recruited by Gridley. Daniel had an idea and used the Summoning Charm on Gridley's desk to summon Gridley himself into the dungeon to let him also deal with the Dementors. However, the Dementors worked for him, and so they followed his orders of taking the students.[1]

They protected Esme first with Protego totalum and then fought Gridley and the Dementors. During the fight, Daniel summoned Gridley's wand and snapped it into pieces, but without it, Gridley was unable to control the Dementors. The task then fell to the students, who cast the Patronus Charm which was, however, only incorporeal. Sensing they were in danger, Ivy came to the rescue and cast the charm with them, producing a corporeal Patronus in the form of a pekingese that was powerful enough to distract and weaken the Dementors. With her help, the students were able to defeat them.[1]

After the fight, Gridley used Longbottom's wand to disarm Ivy and taught Daniel that the first rule of being a criminal was to always know where the weapons were, without realising that Longbottom had regained consciousness, who used his fist to punch Gridley in the face.[1]


After Gridley was knocked out, Professor Longbottom inquired the students about the situation, and Daniel took the Skeleton Key from Gridley to show him. Longbottom assured the students the Ministry would come asking about this, but in the meantime, they should take care of Esme. Daniel offered to let Esme rest in the Hospital Wing, but due to the severity of her injury, Longbottom suggested St Mungo's where some wonderful Healers could take care of her. In the hospital, Ivy was utterly surprised to see her Vanished sister Winifred, who woke up and told her friend that they were in trouble and "he" was watching them.[1]


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