Slughorn's Staircase[1] is one of the largest staircases in Hogwarts Castle. It extends from the dungeons to the seventh floor. It has another exit on the sixth floor, near Horace Slughorn's office. The layout of the staircase is very similar to the Divination and Defence Against the Dark Arts Staircases, but the bottom (at dungeon-level) seems to have been excavated in the cliffs and, thus, the walls and the staircase itself are rough stone.[2]

Professor Slughorn used this staircase when going to his classroom in the dungeons, whereas Luna Lovegood used it for the first time while going to the Slug Club Christmas party with Harry Potter.[2]


Slug's stairs

Harry Potter at the bottom of the staircase

1996–1997 school year

Horace Slughorn used to go down this staircase in his way to the Potions Classroom. The students used the staircase to go from the dungeons to the sixth and seventh floors of the castle. Besides that, Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood used it in their way to Slug Club Christmas party.[2]

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