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"You don't want us to call for Professor Snape, do you?"
— A group of Slytherin girls warn a boy coming too close to the dormitory[src]

The Slytherin Girls' Dormitory was, like the boys' dormitory, a room off of the Slytherin Common Room where female Slytherins slept at night. The walls were possibly decorated with Slytherin crests.


The four-posters were covered in green silk hangings. During the night it was possible to listen to the lake water lapping against the windows. Also, silver lanterns hung from the ceilings. The walls were decorated with Slytherin crests. Medieval tapestries depicting the adventures of famous Slytherins covered the walls.[1]

The four-poster beds were covered in green eiderdowns with green curtains, a wooden nightstand next to it and their school trunk at the foot of the bed. A wooden board was situated on either side of the bed. A wooden chair and dresser were located near the nightstand and the window. A book and a piece of parchment were located on the nightstand. A wooden bookcase was located on the other side of the bed with books on top of it. The walls and floors were made of stone. The dorm had a green carpet with the house crest in the centre and two spherical lamps on either side. Small alcoves were located on either side of the bed.[2]

The four-poster beds were covered in the house colours with the house crest on them. The beds had two shelves at the back of the bed, an owl perch on one side, a small carpet next to the bed and a wooden nightstand at the end of the bed on one side. There was a wooden table in the centre of the dormitory with a stack of books with an hourglass on top of them, an open book with a Self-Writing Quill, parchments and a plant in a flower pot on it. The dorm had a centrally located stove in the centre of the dormitory next to the table.[3]

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