"...that McGonagall blasted to smoke, which reformed and solidified in seconds to become a swarm of pursuing daggers: Snape avoided them only by forcing the suit of armour in front of him, and with echoing clangs the daggers sank, one after another, into its breast -"
—McGonagall using this spell against Snape[src]

This unidentified spell is a Transfiguration spell used to transform smoke into a group of daggers that can be directed at a target.[1]

Known uses

This spell was used by Professor Minerva McGonagall during the Ousting of Severus Snape at the start of the Battle of Hogwarts on some smoke. She directed the daggers at Severus Snape, possibly by use of the Oppugno Jinx.[1]

Known practitioners

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

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