South America is a continent in the western hemisphere. The known wizarding nations that comprise it are Argentina, Brazil and Peru.

Magical community

The Brazilian municipalities of Caxambu, Manaus and Teresina along with the Peruvian town of Tarapoto are the known locations that house the South American wizarding community.

Although mostly uninhabited, the Patagonian Desert has received a large amount of people from the international wizarding community in 2014, due to the 427th Quidditch World Cup has been based there.

Magical government

The known magical governing bodies in the continent are the Argentinian Council of Magic, with the witch Valentina Vázquez as its President in 2014, and the Brazilian Ministry of Magic.

Magical education

The only known wizarding school in South America is the Brazilian one. It is not known if it attends students from neighbour wizarding nations.

Magical games and sports

Magical creatures

Magical history

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