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Spain is a country in southwestern Europe. It is bordered by Portugal, Andorra, France and the United Kingdom. Its capital city is Madrid.

Catalonia, located in Spain, was home to the Catalonian Fireball and also to the National Quidditch team. Its city of Barcelona may also have been notable in the wizarding world, as the Daily Prophet reported on the weather there in its international section.

In 1995, a strike by baggage-handlers of Spain slowed travel.

Magical government

Spain was governed by a Ministry of Magic.[2]

Magical games and sports

This country has its own National Quidditch team.

Magical education

Magical creatures

Native to Spain


The following creatures are found in certain regions of Europe that Spain falls under:

Atlantic Ocean

The following creatures are found throughout the Atlantic Ocean:


The following creatures were all found worldwide:

Known locations


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