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12:10, July 12, 2020Skender the Ringmaster WU.png (file)2.82 MBГилли 
11:10, July 12, 2020Gaberlunzie Garments.jpeg (file)682 KBKates39 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=Gaberlunzie Garments |source={{COS}} - Illustrated Edition |author=Jim Kay |filespecs= |licensing={{Fairuse}} |other versions= |categories=[[Category:Images from Harry Potter and the Chamb...)
10:16, July 12, 2020Lestrange-1.png (file)251 KBSharkDrone121 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description= The Lestrange family tree created by myself, the one posting. I figured that I should make something useful for the community. |source=User:SharkDrone121 |author=User:SharkDrone121 |filesp...)
09:33, July 12, 2020ZouwuWU.png (file)1.01 MBГилли (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description= |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing= |other versions= |categories= }})
05:55, July 12, 2020Fat ghost in stairwell GOF UK backcover.png (file)14 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=Fat ghost in stairwell |source={{GOF}} Bloomsbury first edition cover |author= |filespecs=Cropped |licensing={{Fairuse}} |other versions=[[:File:Goblet of Fire Bloomsbury 1st edition full cover.jpg...)
05:04, July 12, 2020Illustrated UK Goblet of Fire Full Jacket.jpg (file)460 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description= |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing= |other versions= |categories= }})
04:50, July 12, 2020Goblet of Fire Bloomsbury 1st edition full cover.jpg (file)85 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description={{GOF}} Bloomsbury Publishing 1st edition full cover art |source= |author=Giles Greenfield |filespecs= |licensing={{Cover}} |othe...)
04:38, July 12, 2020Goblet-of-fire-back-cover-sketch-giles-greenfield.jpg (file)77 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=Sketch for {{GOF}} backcover art |source= |author=Giles Greenfield |filespecs= |licensing={{Screens...)
04:29, July 12, 2020Panda2.png (file)547 KBSt27 
04:29, July 12, 2020Panda3.png (file)528 KBSt27 
08:38, July 11, 2020Person-images Brando+Pacitto 5a8c82e815064916007a9534.jpg (file)17 KBBrandoPacitto 
19:43, July 10, 2020Brilliant Self Playing Harp WU.png (file)594 KBГилли 
19:29, July 10, 2020Brilliant Fawkes WU.png (file)117 KBГилли (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description= |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing= |other versions= |categories= }})
19:22, July 10, 2020Brilliant hornbill WU.png (file)498 KBГилли 
03:34, July 10, 2020Host annual day.jpg (file)583 KBHE WHO CAN BE FREELY NAMED 
08:31, July 9, 2020Christmas Calamity - pt2 - Grandma Pickering - WU.png (file)434 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=Constance Pickering's grandmother |source={{WU}} |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{Screenshot}} |other versions= |categories=Category:Images from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite[[Category:Reference...)
23:05, July 8, 2020Jody Revenson.jpg (file)9 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=Jody Revenson |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{Screenshot}} |other versions= |categories=Category:Images of Jody Revenson[[Ca...)
18:08, July 8, 2020Pepper Breath Hex HM Icon.png (file)190 KBRedWizard98 
16:23, July 8, 202081oND6XuHsL. SL1500 .jpg (file)248 KBGrubbyGrubster005 
12:27, July 8, 2020Sabine Starbird.svg (file)2 KBMrSiriusBlack (==Summary== {{Information |description=Sabine Wren's starbird, used in User:Synthesith's signature |source=Traced and flipped horizontally from starwars:File:Tatoo_starbird.png, vector ver...)
08:37, July 8, 2020Cloke Mansion - FBC.png (file)429 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=Cloke Manor |source={{FBC}} |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{Screenshot}} |categories=Category:Images from Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World }})
00:12, July 8, 2020Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - A Book of 20 Postcards to Colour.jpg (file)54 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: A Book of 20 Postcards to Colour |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{Screenshot}} |other versions= |categories=[[...)
20:39, July 7, 2020Jacob (student).png (file)75 KBTfoc 
20:13, July 7, 2020Proud-Ravenclaw.png (file)957 KBAva Kichikova 
17:01, July 7, 2020Phoenix Patronus WU.png (file)129 KBГилли 
14:12, July 7, 2020Azkaban Prisoner Number WU.png (file)31 KBГилли 
13:54, July 7, 2020Baby Knarl WU.png (file)106 KBRedWizard98 
13:35, July 7, 2020Brilliant Azkaban Escapee WU.png (file)114 KBГилли 
13:31, July 7, 2020Thor marvel comic.png (file)2.06 MBUnførgivable 
12:47, July 7, 2020Trolley witch WU.png (file)471 KBГилли 
08:31, July 7, 20206C767961-CD3F-4BB3-A5B4-6DBF6CCDA549.jpeg (file)22 KBGaba666 
06:09, July 7, 2020Luna-Scamander-WU.jpg (file)66 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=Luna Lovegood's married name |source={{WU}} |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{Screenshot}} |other versions= |categories=Category:Images from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite[[Category:Reference imag...)
05:24, July 7, 2020Horatio Cloke - FBC.png (file)374 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention=Horatio Cloke |description= |source={{FBC}} |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{Screenshot}} |other versions= |categories=Category:Images of Horatio Cloke[[Category:Images from Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the...)
17:50, July 6, 2020IacopoBruno.jpeg (file)49 KBKates39 ({{Information |attention= |description=Iacopo Bruno |source=[] |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{Fairuse}} |other versions= |categories=Category:Images of real people }})
17:07, July 6, 2020SBSIHNSIH.png (file)375 KBMiraculousLadybugMariChat 
16:26, July 6, 2020Movie Magic - HPLE.jpg (file)821 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=''Movie Magic: Practical Props and Exciting Effects'' |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{Screenshot}} |other versions...)
16:05, July 6, 2020Environments Envisioned.jpg (file)715 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=''Environments Envisioned: Building Fantastic Sets and Scouting Dramatic Locations'' |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing...)
14:07, July 6, 2020Ten Years Later - HPLE.jpg (file)826 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=Ten Years Later: Life on Set with the Harry Potter Cast and Crew |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{Screenshot}} |oth...)
13:00, July 6, 2020The Creature Shop Compendium - HPLE.jpg (file)758 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=The Creature Shop Compendium: Flora and Fauna from the Harry Potter Films |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{Screensh...)
12:49, July 6, 2020Wizard Wear Muggle Attire - HPLE.jpg (file)830 KBIronyak1 (==Summary== {{Information |attention= |description=Wizard Wear and Muggle Attire: Costuming the World of Harry Potter |source= |author= |filespecs= |licensing={{Screenshot}} |o...)
11:35, July 6, 2020Liuben Zidarov.jpg (file)23 KBCharlieCon 
11:12, July 6, 2020WB F8 Lily young hand open landscape HPDH2-08067.jpg (file)2.24 MBCharlieCon 
10:36, July 6, 2020Brilliant Slytherin Student WU.png (file)536 KBГилли 
01:36, July 6, 20200900b010fcd225e554d55321fbea7fa6eb91eb94f679933c3cfcf8dacb72a7d5 1.jpg (file)294 KBRonweasley3991 
07:49, July 5, 2020210845DC-8944-43D5-90DF-1B83B28533A3.jpeg (file)315 KBPicnicSridach83600 
17:52, July 4, 2020Baby Crup WU.png (file)780 KBRedWizard98 
05:46, July 4, 2020HPWU BE Stronger United - Constance Pickering.png (file)94 KBГилли 
05:22, July 4, 2020HPWU BE BB - Norwegian Ridgeback.jpg (file)393 KBГилли 
05:21, July 4, 2020HPWU BE BB - Knarl.jpg (file)412 KBГилли 
05:21, July 4, 2020HPWU BE BB - Crup.jpg (file)310 KBГилли 

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