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05:15, April 17, 2011Mirror of erised harry and ron.jpg (file)39 KBMargiechocoholic 
05:30, August 6, 2009James-Faulkner.jpg (file)3 KBMargiechocoholic 
08:22, April 26, 2009Harry bedroom.jpg (file)11 KBMargiechocoholic 
10:12, April 16, 2009Nearly headless nick petrified basilisk.jpg (file)34 KBMargiechocoholic 
08:03, April 15, 2009Scholastic logo.jpg (file)10 KBMargiechocoholic 
07:13, April 15, 2009Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone – French cover Philosopher's.jpg (file)60 KBMargiechocoholic 
04:57, April 14, 2009Ukraine.jpg (file)6 KBMargiechocoholic 
08:45, April 1, 2009Harry Dumbledore Disciplinary Hearing.jpg (file)320 KBMargiechocoholic 
05:23, March 28, 2009Ashley Artus.jpg (file)3 KBMargiechocoholic 
06:44, March 11, 2009Magenta Comstock.gif (file)34 KBMargiechocoholic 
08:58, March 10, 2009A Conjured Snake.jpg (file)6 KBMargiechocoholic 
06:18, February 12, 2009Tottenham.gif (file)24 KBMargiechocoholic 
00:49, February 7, 2009Erised.jpg (file)21 KBMargiechocoholic 
06:41, January 10, 2009Bloomsbury logo.gif (file)3 KBMargiechocoholic 

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