"If you must know, when I was three, Fred turned my - my teddy bear into a great big filthy spider because I broke his toy broomstick... You wouldn't like it either if you'd been holding your bear and suddenly it had too many legs and... "
Ron Weasley on the origin of his Arachnophobia[src]

Spiders are eight-legged and eight-eyed arachnids.


Spiders legs

Spider legs


The Acromantula

They are very common and come in many species, varying from region to region; all are carnivorous and some are venomous, but for the most part they are relatively harmless and can sometimes be used as a potion ingredient.

The largest species of spider is the Acromantula, a wizard bred-species which also has the ability to speak, along with being extremely dangerous carnivores with a taste for human flesh.[1] Spiders are known for spinning webs. The webs of the Acromantula are large and dome-shaped.[2] Spiders of all sizes fear the Basilisk above all other things, which caused those at Hogwarts to flee into the Forbidden Forest in the 1992–1993 school year.[2][3]

The Spider repelling spell can be used to repel and blast spiders away from an individual; indeed, this spell is particularly useful when repelling Acromantulas.[4][5] Spiders often inhabit dark environments, like the cupboard under the stairs,[6] Broomsheds, and even the Forbidden Forest.[2]


Boggart morph

A Boggart taking the form of a giant spider, to represent Ronald Weasley's greatest fear

Ronald Weasley was well-known for his Arachnophobia, the irrational fear of spiders and arachnids. However, he was fine if they were dead and he simply had to cut them up during potions.[3] During the 1993-1994 school year, Ron's boggart manifested in the form of a giant spider during a Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson with Professor Lupin.[7]

The Cupboard under the stairs was said to have a large amount of spiders living in it alongside Harry Potter, who did not mind them in the least. When Vernon Dursley bellowed "Silence!" at Harry when the boy interrupted him, a couple of spiders fell from the ceiling in response, likely startled by the noise.[6]

In 1992, spiders fled Hogwarts when a Basilisk was unleashed from the Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione Granger notched their strange behaviour[3] and Hermione used it to piece together what was petrifying people in the school.[8]

The Tarantula is a family of spiders, examples of which can be found for sale in Knockturn Alley.[9] In Borgin and Burkes, there was a cage that had living, huge black spiders in it.[10]


Ron Weasley's fear of spiders

Barty Crouch Jr, disguised as Alastor Moody, taught his fourth year Defence Against the Dark Arts class the use of the Unforgivable Curses, performing one of each of the three curses on one of each of three spiders.[11] In 1995, the trio found spiders as big as saucers in a dresser in the dining room of 12 Grimmauld Place, with Ron leaving the room to make a cup of tea and did not return until they were gone, due to his aforementioned Arachnophobia.[12]

Spindle's Lick'O'Rish Spiders were a wizarding confection shaped like spiders.[13]

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