"They found an unpleasant-looking silver instrument, something like a many-legged pair of tweezers, which scuttled up Harry’s arm like a spider when he picked it up, and attempted to puncture his skin; Sirius seized it and smashed it with a heavy book entitled Nature’s Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy."
— Description[src]

This instrument was similar to a pair of tweezers, but it had multiple "legs" and acted like a spider.[1]


A pair of these was owned by the Black family, and was among the old items that were being cleaned out of 12 Grimmauld Place in August of 1995. It crawled up Harry Potter's arm when he attempted to pick it up, and was about to puncture his skin when Sirius Black smashed it with a copy of Nature's Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy.[1]


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