(correction, we don't know what level of dark spell this is (curse, hex, jinx) only that it is one. Also, I've never seen it kill a spider, only blast them so I'm guessing its not a killing spell (unless there's soemthing about forbidden journey that)
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[[Category:Spells with Incantations of Latin Origin]]
[[Category:Spells with Incantations of Latin Origin]]
[[ru:Араниа экземи]]

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Arania Exumai is a spell used to blast back acromantulas or other large spiders.

Known uses

Harry Potter used this spell in the Forbidden Forest against the attacking acromantulas in 1993. He learned it from Tom Riddle, who had attempted to use it against Aragog in the memory Harry visited.


From the Latin araneus, meaning “spider”, and exuo, meaning “I lay aside”.

Behind the scenes


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