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A ghost, one of the most well known types of Spirit

A Spirit was one of of the three classifications used by the Ministry of Magic to catalogue the various magical creatures that inhabited the wizarding world (the others being Beast and Being). The classification was created in 1811 by Minister for Magic Grogan Stump, who formed the Spirit Division as part of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.[1]


The Spirit Division was formed when ghosts complained that it was insensitive to classify them as "beings" when they were so clearly "has-beens". Banned from Burdock Muldoon's first definition of Beings since they glided instead of walked, they were classified as Beings under Elfrida Clagg's revision of the definition. However, they left Clagg's summit in disgust at the way the meeting focused more on the matters of the living than on the matters of the dead.[1]

Related creatures

Several creatures appear to fall within the Spirit definition but have never been directly classified as such.


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