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Ronald Weasley splinched on 2 September, 1997

"Splinching, or the separation of random body parts, occurs when the mind is insufficiently determined. You must concentrate continually upon your destination, and move, without haste, but with deliberation…"
Wilkie Twycross[src]

Splinching was what occurred when a witch or wizard Apparated or Disapparated unsuccessfully, leaving part of his or her clothes or body behind in their former location. The degree of splinching could range from minimal, such as loss of hair, to life-threatening, such as loss of flesh or muscle, though the damage was usually repairable.[1][2]

Known cases of splinching

"There was a horrible screech of pain and everybody looked around, terrified, to see Susan Bones of Hufflepuff wobbling in her hoop with her left leg still standing five feet from where she had started. "
— Description of Susan's splinching [src]

Hermione and Harry help Ron into Perkins' tent after the latter's Splinched

Susan Bones splinched herself during her first Apparition lesson, losing a leg; it was reattached, but the incident left her shaken. It was said to be the first "exciting thing happening" during the lesson.[1]

Ron Weasley failed his Apparition test due to leaving half of an eyebrow behind.[3] Having left school in his Seventh year without ever having passed the test, he was badly injured after splinching away part of his upper arm while escaping from the Ministry of Magic and Grimmauld Place in 1997.[4] He was saved through the quick first-aid work of Hermione Granger, who applied Dittany to the wound in Perkins's tent in the countryside, where they arrived in and resided for refuge.[2] When he briefly abandoned Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, he ended up losing a pair of fingernails.[5]

In 1994, Arthur Weasley told Harry, Ron and Hermione about two wizards who tried apparation without a licence and splinched themselves, leaving half of themselves behind.[6]

Previously splinched people

  • Two wizards detained by the Ministry[6]

Behind the scenes

  • According to W.O.M.B.A.T., it may be possible to prevent bad luck by turning on the spot three times and deliberately splinching one's thumbs. According to Wilkie Twycross, the splinched body parts are random, meaning it is not possible to deliberately splinch the thumbs.


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