St. Grogory's Primary School[1] was a Muggle primary school located in or near Little Whinging, Surrey, England named after Saint Grogory. The school's headmistress in the early 1990s was C. Roemmele.[1]


  • Harry Potter attended St. Grogory's from the mid-late 1980s to early 1990s. He was sometimes teased for wearing broken spectacles, repaired with tape, and his cousin Dudley Dursley's old, oversized clothing.[2] He also had no friends there, as a result of him being the favourite victim of abuse to Dudley, who was the most feared bully in the school.

Dudley also went to St. Grogory's, along with his friends Piers Polkiss, Dennis, Malcolm, and Gordon.[2][3] As a gang, these five bullied other students at the school, including Harry.[2][3]

One time, Harry was being pursued by Dudley's gang and tried to escape from them by ducking behind some rubbish bins outside the school's kitchens, but unintentionally flew on top of the chimney instead.[2] Headmistress Roemmele sent an "angry" letter to Harry's uncle and aunt, Vernon and Petunia Dursley, telling them that their nephew had been "climbing school buildings."[2]

Another time, Harry had to take home a school report, which told of how he had turned his teacher's wig blue.[4]

On 22 June, 1991, Headmistress Roemmele awarded a certificate to Dudley for "always eating up his lunch."[1]

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While there is no real St. Grogory, there is a St Gregory: Pope Gregory I. He is considered the patron saint of, among other things, students and teachers, making him a prime candidate to name a school after.[5]

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