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Miriam Strout: "I have something to give you, Mr Winger. It was your mother's. It's the St Mungo's Certified Healer Insignia your mother wore when she worked here. I've kept it all this time, but I think you should have it now."
Talbott Winger: "I'm touched, Madam Strout. Perhaps someday I'll earn one of my own."
— Miriam Strout gifting Talbott Winger his mother's Healer Insignia[src]

A St Mungo's Certified Healer Insignia was an emblem worn by Healers employed at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.[1]


During the 1990–1991 school year at St Mungo's, Madam Miriam Strout gifted Talbott Winger his mother's old Healer Insignia, that she used to wear when she worked at St Mungo's, after having kept it for many years after her death. Talbott was grateful of her token and acknowledged how he desired to become a Healer himself after graduating Hogwarts, after having originally considered becoming an Auror.[1]


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