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Jacob's sibling: "What... What happened to him?"
Severus Snape: "He's been Petrified."
Beatrice Haywood: "Like a... statue."
Severus Snape: "Miss Haywood found him. It appears we have another curse at Hogwarts."
Severus Snape, Beatrice Haywood and Jacob's sibling observing a student petrified with this curse[src]

The statue curse (incantation unknown) was a curse that would, once unleashed, turned individuals into stone statues. The texture of the statues was the same as the Merperson Trident discovered in the Portrait Vault.[1]

The effects of the curse took place in the space of a few minutes, as Cedric Diggory claimed to have only turned away from Madam Pomfrey for a few minutes and turned back to find her Petrified.[2] Victims also appeared to be aware of what was happening to them, as all known victims were frozen in poses of startled horror, making it a very sinister and malevolent curse indeed.


Cedric Diggory and Penny Haywood finding a Petrified Madam Pomfrey

In the 1989–1990 school year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a male student was turned into a statue in the Clock Tower Courtyard as the result of this powerful and malign curse being somehow unleashed. Beatrice Haywood first discovered the student, before the situation was investigated by Severus Snape and Jacob's sibling.[1] A female Gryffindor was also found Petrified. Both students were taken to the Hospital Wing.[3] Eventually even the school Matron who was treating the victims, Madam Poppy Pomfrey, was also found Petrified.[2]

Following the penetration of the Sunken Vault,[4] the effects of this curse ended.

Behind the scenes

  • A similar curse is featured in the 1983 dark fantasy novel The Witches by Roald Dahl, in which a boy named Harald, a childhood friend of the narrator's grandmother, was turned to stone by an evil witch.


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