Steleus is the incantation of a hex that causes the victim to continually sneeze.[1] This spell is used in duelling to distract the opponent.


While it is not possible to accurately determine its etymology due to the lack of an official spelling, it is possible that "Steleus" is derived from the Latin sternuo, meaning "I sneeze". Alternatively, it may be modified from stillis, Latin for "drops (of liquid)".[2] Stillis is also related to stillo, the Latin verb for "I drip or trickle",[3] which is relevant to the spell's sneeze-inducing effects.

Behind the scenes

  • Throughout the books, films and game adaptations, this incantation has so far only appeared in the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube versions of the video game.
  • As no subtitles were given, the spelling of this incantation is an approximate transcription of character dialogue during duelling segments of the game.[1]
  • In the French version of the video game, the incantation is given as Eternulus, a derivation of the verb "éternuer", to sneeze.


Notes and references

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