The Sticking Charm (incantation unknown) was a charm which stuck an object to something else. It was reversible, unlike the Permanent Sticking Charm.[1]

The father of Beatrix Bloxam used this spell to keep his daughter's bedroom door shut at night because she walked in her sleep.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Epoximise may be a variation of the Sticking Charm, or even the incantation for the actual charm. This appears to not be the case since Epoximise, which is from the Harry Potter Trading Card Game, is labelled as a Transfiguration spell on its card, not a Charm. However, errors have been found with other cards. For example, Diffindo is incorrectly labelled as a Transfiguration spell in the card game.
  • This may have been the spell Newt Scamander used to trap his escaped niffler after trying to summon him through the jewellery he stole, as it caused a window to trap the niffler like a spider's web, yet was clearly reversible as Newt was able to recapture him.

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