Severus Snape: "Remus!"
Remus Lupin: "Coming, Severus!"
Severus Snape calling Remus Lupin into the Study Area[src]

This Study Area is a library on the fourth floor of Hogwarts Castle, located near Classroom 4F.[1]


There is a secret passageway hidden behind a bookshelf which leads to the Seventh-floor corridor, just opposite a portrait of Sir Cadogan, as well as another behind a tapestry, which Hermione Granger accessed using Draconifors. There is a large fireplace, and a door leading to the Fourth Floor Corridor.[1]

The room is presumably used by students to study outside of Study Hall and the Hogwarts Library, and, therefore, away from Madam Irma Pince. One night, after an Anti-Dementor lesson with Professor Lupin, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger had to sneak past Severus Snape, who met Lupin in the Study Area to give him a goblet full of Wolfsbane Potion. They managed to using a secret passageway.[1]


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