The Substantive Charm (Incantation unknown) was a spell of unknown effect.


The day before his O.W.L. exam for Charms, Seamus Finnigan laid on the floor reciting this spell's definition as his friend, Dean Thomas, confirmed it in The Standard Book of Spells, Grade Five.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Given that the word "substantive" means 'solid' or 'existent', it is likely that this spell has such a use; it might possibly be used to solidify ghosts, hurting them in a similar way to Skurge. However, there is no evidence aside from the name to prove this.
  • It is also possible and perhaps more likely given the context in which "Substantive Charm" was mentioned that a Substantive Charm is a class of spells that can be used without any prerequisite spell being used (see this article's talk page for an explanation why this may be true.


Notes and references

The Standard Book of Spells
Book of Spells 1
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