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Elfin Sugar Crystals, a wizarding brand of sugar

Sugar is a generic name for a number of sweet-flavoured substances used to flavour or sweeten food. Sugar used for human consumption is generally extracted from the sugarcane or sugar beet.[1]

Most sweets are mostly made of sugar, to the point where some sweets, such as certain brands of Droobles Best Blowing Gum, are advertised as "sugar-free". Yet other sorts of sweets, such as Sugar Quills, Sugar Mice, and sugared violets, blatantly mention that they contain sugar in their titles, generally to differentiate them from sugarless counterparts.


Honeydukes' Liquorice Wands were free from refined sugar, according to the label.[2]

Hokey claimed to have accidentally killed her mistress Hepzibah Smith by mistaking a little known poison as sugar for Smith's cocoa. This was a false memory planted by Tom Riddle, as he was the one who placed the poison into the drink.[3]

Sugar makes the effect of the Wolfsbane Potion useless, much to the dismay of Remus Lupin, who did not care for the taste of the potion.[4]

Aside from humans, other species also enjoy the taste of sugar. Baby unicorns seem to enjoy sugar cubes as a snack, as Rubeus Hagrid had a Care of Magical Creatures class feed them some on at least one occasion.[5]


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