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Elfin Sugar Crystals, a wizarding brand of sugar

Sugar is a generic name for a number of sweet-flavoured substances used to flavour or sweeten food. Sugar used for human consumption is generally extracted from the sugarcane or sugar beet.[1]

Most sweets were made of sugar, to the point where some sweets, such as certain brands of Droobles Best Blowing Gum, were advertised as "sugar-free".[2] Yet other sorts of sweets, such as Sugar Quills,[3] Sugar Mice,[4] and sugared violets,[5] blatantly mentioned that they contained sugar in their names, generally to differentiate them from sugarless counterparts.


Honeydukes's Liquorice Wands were free from refined sugar, according to the label.[6]

Hokey claimed to have accidentally killed her mistress Hepzibah Smith by mistaking a little known poison as sugar for Smith's cocoa. This was a false memory planted by Tom Riddle, as he was the one who placed the poison into the drink.[7]

Sugar made the effect of the Wolfsbane Potion useless, much to the dismay of Remus Lupin, who did not enjoy the taste.[8]

Aside from humans, other species also enjoyed the taste of sugar. Baby unicorns seemed to enjoy sugar cubes as a snack, as Rubeus Hagrid had a fourth-year Care of Magical Creatures class feed them some on at least one occasion in 1995.[9]

Sugar was used by Madam Rosmerta to make Raspberry Trifle, Blueberry Pasties, Treacle Cake, and birthday cake.[10]

Badeea Ali enjoyed drinking Turkish coffee with two lumps of sugar when studying.[11]


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