Susan Blancheflower was an American witch and the Keeper for the American National Quidditch team in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup[1].


Following the America-Jamaica match in the quarter-finals, Ludovic Bagman criticised Blancheflower for letting in so many Jamaican goals in a report made to the Daily Prophet[1]. Partly because of this, he gave her team low odds on winning the semifinals[1].

During the America-Brazil semifinal match, she was hit in the face with a bludger sent there by one of her own Beaters, Lucas Picquery. She then attempted to jump onto his broom, and was cautioned by the referee. Her game did not improve, however, and she made a simple mistake and let Alejandra Alonso score, putting Brazil ten points ahead. 

During the playoffs for third place against Japan, the Japanese Chasers got eighteen goals past her. At the end of the game, though, the two teams embraced.


Notes and references

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