"The Swedish Short-Snout is an attractive silvery-blue dragon whose skin is sought after for the manufacture of protective gloves and shields. The flame that issues from its nostrils is a brilliant blue and can reduce timber and bone to ash in a matter of seconds. The Short-Snout has fewer human killings to its name than most dragons, though as it prefers to live in wild and uninhabited mountainous areas, this is not much to its credit."
Newt Scamander, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them[src]

The Swedish Short-Snout was a species of dragon native to the uninhabited mountains of Sweden.[1][3] It was a silvery blue dragon that breathed a brilliant blue flame.[1]


The trophy awarded to the winner of the annual broom race between Kopparberg and Arjeplog is designed after the Swedish Short-Snout.[4]

In the 1994 Triwizard Tournament, Cedric Diggory, of Hogwarts, had to face a Short-Snout in the First Task. He Transfigured a rock into a dog to distract the dragon, and retrieved the Golden egg that it was guarding.[5]

Description and traits

The scales of the Swedish Short-Snout were silvery blue, and its powerful flame was also a brilliant blue colour, hot enough to reduce timber and bone to ashes in seconds. Its attractive skin was much sought after for the making of gloves and shields.[1]

It preferred to live in wild, uninhabited areas. Since it rarely came into contact with humans, the Short-Snout has less deaths to its name than most dragons. However, the Short-Snout was a dangerous species due to its agile flying and extremely hot fire.[1]

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