The Swedish Short-Snout is a species of dragon native to Sweden.[1] It is a silvery blue dragon that breathes a brilliant blue flame.


The trophy awarded to the winner of the annual broom race between Kopparberg and Arjeplog is designed after the Swedish Short-Snout.[2]

In the 1994 Triwizard Tournament, Cedric Diggory, of Hogwarts, had to face a Short-Snout in the First Task. He Transfigured a rock into a dog to distract the dragon, and retrieved the Golden egg that it was guarding.[3]

Description and traits

The scales are silvery blue, and its powerful flame is also a brilliant blue colour — and hot enough to reduce timber and bone to ashes in seconds. Its attractive skin is much sought after for the making of gloves and shields.[4]

It prefers to live in wild, uninhabited areas. Since it rarely comes into contact with humans, the Short-Snout has less deaths to its name than most dragons. However, the Short-Snout is a dangerous species due to its agile flying and extremely hot fire.[4]

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