Professor Swoopstikes was a wizard and a former Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.[2] He was also an entomologist, with a vast knowledge of magical insects.

Professor Swoopstikes was a fan of the Tutshill Tornados Quidditch team.[2]

A portrait of Professor Swoopstikes was hung in the Tracery Hall at Hogwarts Castle, depicting him among his vast insect collection, holding a magnifying glass on one hand and a Billywig on the other.


  • To "swoop" is to "move rapidly downward through the air", perhaps an indication towards entomology.[3]
  • A "stike" is a stanza, and therefore the plural form of stike, "stikes", refers to multiple stanzas.[4]


Notes and references

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