What breed was it?

In the book, it was mentioned that the dragon had metalic scales. That makes it seem likely that it was a ukranian ironbelly. What do you think? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by BachLynn23 (talkcontribs).

It could be, but in the film the dragon appears to have green eyes, killing the theory. However, this piece of trivia could be included in the article under the "Behind the scenes" section. --  Seth Cooper  owl post! 21:04, July 21, 2010 (UTC)
But, you have to remember that the films don't always stay true to the book apearance. take the hungarian horntail harry faces in the triwizard tornament. in the book, its discribed as having a black coloration. in the film however, it has a dark orange color.Rydrake master 21:59, July 22, 2010 (UTC)
But given the book doesn't specify eye colour (that I recall), the film is to be taken into account under the canon policy. --  Seth Cooper  owl post! 22:20, July 22, 2010 (UTC)
Actually, and I quote, the book discribes the dragon as having " milkily pink" eyes. Rydrake master 00:08, July 23, 2010 (UTC)

added in 1991?

How does anyone know that the dragon was bought there in 1991? It could have easily been there before then. I highly doubt Quirrell caused that. Maybe the vault with the stone wasn't that far down. Gryffindor1991 01:18, May 7, 2011 (UTC)

Gringotts's only dragon?

Some of our articles (such as Break-in of Gringotts Wizarding Bank (1998)) seem to imply this was the only dragon Gringotts used. Is this ever stated in canon? It seems to be a pretty bold assumption to make. -- 1337star (Owl Post) 18:42, December 27, 2011 (UTC)

It's, apparently, the only one guarding the highest-security vaults (Lestrange Vault), but it appears that are more dragons in the bank (see this; "Gringotts now needs to readress their security system. Goblin security specialists are combing the land for a better breed of security dragon to replace the now deemed useless existing ones.", emphasis added). Either way, Gringotts employs at least one more defensive mechanism, the Vaults Guardian, guarding the middle to high-security vaults (Vaults 687 and 713). --  Seth Cooper  owl post! 19:11, December 27, 2011 (UTC)

corrected a spelling glitch

I corrected a spelling error in the quote where the dragon's introduced, it originally said "eronmous" instead of "enormous." Tiria Wildlough Owl Reception 23:32, July 14, 2017 (UTC)

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