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Remus and Lily

About Lily's relationship with Remus: The line "your mother was there for me at a time where no one else was" was from the movie and not the book. It's defintely not canon as Remus would never had said that. He would have been insulting his best friends (The Marauders) if he did. The Marauders were the ones who were there for him, accepted him for being a werewolf and became animagi for him. Plus, James financially supported him when he was unable to find a job. Lily was never mentioned to have done anything for Remus for him to say that line. Remus doesn't even speak about Lily much in the books except when he's referring to both her and James. There is no indication in the books to Remus and Lily being close at all. James is the one Remus usually talks about. Twilight2013 (talk) 17:43, August 6, 2017 (UTC)