"'But,' said the Prime Minister breathlessly, watching his teacup chew on the corner of his next speech..."
—The Muggle Prime Minister is stunned by Fudge having turned his teacup into a gerbil.[src]

Teacup to gerbil (incantation unknown) is a Transforming spell that turns teacups into gerbils. Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge used this spell to prove himself to be a wizard to the Prime Minister of Muggles.[1]


  • The Prime Minister was stunned. Despite the evidence of his eyes, he tried for a time to convince himself that Cornelius Fudge was a hallucination. The continued presence of the gerbil was less easily explainable, but he gave it to his niece, in an attempt to rid himself of all reminders of the encounter.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • This spell may be similar in mechanics to Teacup to Rat, which begins with the same object, but features a different type of rodent as the end result.


Notes and references

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