"Bolts of electricity rip from the sky and blast the enemies"
Folio Triplicus[src]

The Tempest Jinx, (also known simply as "Tempest") (incantation unknown) was an atmospheric jinx that caused bolts of lightning to strike from a cloudy sky at the target.[1]


"Still driving the carriage, Grindelwald swirls his wand in the air toward the surrounding storm clouds. One by one, forks of lightning strike the broomstick riders, knocking each in turn from the sky."
— Grindelwald unleashing this spell on several Aurors.[src]

On 30 May 1927, Gellert Grindelwald used this spell to attack several Aurors following him during his escape from custody when an Incarceration Carriage was holding a restrained Abernathy, who had assumed Grindelwald's appearance using Human Transfiguration.[2]

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