{{Plant infobox
|image=''Character image, maximum 250px''
|name=''Full name of plant''
|alias=''Alternative names for species''
|native=''Area native to, e.g. Great Britain''
|environment=''Plant's natural environment, e.g. Water''
|related=''Related species''
|sentience=''Sentient, semi-sentient or non-sentient''
|root=''Shape/colour of the root''
|stem=''Shape/colour of the stem''
|leaves=''Shape/colour of the leaves''
|flowers=''Shape/colour of the flowers''
|fruits=''Shape/colour of the fruits''
|food=''On what it feeds on, e.g. Chizpurfles''
|distinction=''Known, notable distinctions''
|usage=''Its magical usage, e.g. Potion-making''
|affiliation=''Known, notable affiliations with organizations''
|status=''Endangered, or Extinct''

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{{Plant infobox
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