Tertius (fl. 16th century) was a Scottish Muggle-born wizard, the youngest of three brothers. Chased from his home, Tertius found his way to the island of Hermetray and met Zygmunt Budge, who used him as an unwilling guinea pig for his Felix Felicis and thus changed his life forever.[1]


Tertius was born to a Muggle family somewhere in Scotland. He was born the youngest of three brothers, the other two being non-magical. Sometime in his youth, his parents died, leaving Tertius and his brothers as orphans. Frightened of their brother's magical abilities, Tertius's brothers broke his wand and chased him out the house, where Tertius accidentally fell into the sea.[1]

Unconscious, Tertius floated to the island of Hermetray, where he was found by the hermit potioneer Zygmunt Budge. Though normally disinclined to visitors, Budge took pity on Tertius, brought him into his house, and revived him. Once there, Tertius informed Budge of his history. Despite having taken Tertius in, Budge was unwilling to keep Tertius, as Budge felt he disrupted his potion-making, and Budge was wary of anyone stealing his recently perfected Felix Felicis. Budge gave Tertius a few coins, a new cloak and boat, and a sample of Felix Felicis, only telling Tertius the latter was a "farewell drink".[1]

As Tertius sailed back to the mainland, a wind blew his boat off-course. He landed ashore at the home of the only wizarding family for fifty miles. Concerned that Tertius had no wand, they offered to accompany him to Diagon Alley. Upon his arrival, he found an abandoned bag of gold in the gutter, and thus paid for his new wand and a new set of robes. Walking back to Gringotts Wizarding Bank, he overheard a pair of wizards discussing openings for Curse-Breakers. Tertius applied and was accepted.[1]

Though the effects of Budge's Felix Felicis (which had caused this string of good luck) wore off after twelve hours, Tertius never looked back. He went on to become one of Gringotts's most famous Curse-Breakers.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Peter Dobbin, a concept artist for Wonderbook: Book of Potions, refers to Tertius as "Tertia" on his official site. It is unclear if this was Tertius's original name during production or if Dobbin was merely mistaken on his name.


Notes and references

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