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The Great Wizarding Express was the name of a long-distance wizarding passenger train service that operated in at least the 1930s, travelling between London (King's Cross Station, Platform 3⅓) and Berlin (Friedrichstraße Station).[1][2]


Newt's army talking on this train

In 1932, Newton Scamander's army rode on this train.[3]


The first carriage had red leather upholstery, brass, gold, and walnut veneers.[4]

At the end of the train was a carriage that had a tattered exterior, but well done interior inside. There was a fireplace that was connected to the Floo Network. It was used by wizards and witches to get on board. A house-elf pushed a trolley that sold teas, coffees, sandwiches, and cakes.[4]

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