The Guardian was a British Muggle daily newspaper published at London and Manchester that costs 1 Euro, having at least 23 pages. Its website is[1]


A few days after the attack on the Millennium Bridge, in early July 1996, patrons at Treats were seen reading various papers, including The Guardian. That day, a large photo of the ruins of the bridge was featured on the front page,[2][1] under the headline "Bridge disaster hits London."[1] David Blishen took the photo seen on the front page in 1996.

Other front-page headlines from that day's issue were:[1]

  • "Bill Clinton: Exclusive interview on his European tour"
  • "Fresh and wild: Can you eat too much fruit?"
  • "US award to Dalai Lama angers China"
  • "25% of NHS trusts fail on hygiene code"
  • "IVF doctors: don't rely on frozen eggs"
  • "Rotherham in good shape for season"

On its 17 April 2019 issue, The Guardian reported on the front page that "Mysterious incidents [were] at an all time high": this coincided with the height of the Calamity, a series of chaotic large-scale breaches of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy — the front-page had a large, poor resolution picture of a three-headed dog attacking a Muggle vehicle by a sports stadium.[3]

The Guardian, Wednesday 17 April 2019

The 17 April 2019 issue of The Guardian

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