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The New York Ghost[1] was an American wizarding newspaper based in New York.[2] It had been published daily from at least 1863[3] and offered an early Sunrise Edition and an evening Sunset Edition, as well as a West Coast Supplement every Thursday and a Divination Supplement every Friday. In 1926, a single issue cost 0.03 dragots, while a 12 month subscription cost 5 dragots and was delivered by owl. Its slogan was "Enchanted Dispatches to the American Wizard".[2]


In the 1920s, The New York Ghost reported extensively on claimed sightings and Wizard Hunt for Gellert Grindelwald around the world, including Bratislava,[4] Paris, London,[5] New York, and Caxambu.[6]

It covered local incidents, such as a havoc caused by a Poltergeist in a Nashville diner,[7] as well as international changes, such as the legal Apparition age in Denmark.[5] It covered varying degrees of entertainment and academic subject matters, from listing Top Apparition locations in Canada[8] to discussing Korean Master Aurologists views on aura.[9]


Job positions

  • Editor
  • Reporter
    • Business and finance reporter
    • Sports reporter
    • Arts and culture reporter
    • Reporter for No-Maj Bureau
  • MACUSA Correspondent
  • California Correspondent
  • Chicago Correspondent
  • Divination Correspondent
  • Tennessee Correspondent
  • Michigan Correspondent
  • Spells Correspondent
  • Texas Correspondent
  • Missouri Correspondent


Business and finance reporter
Sports reporter
Arts and culture reporter
Reporter for No-Maj Bureau


Headlines written

Behind the scenes

  • The New York Ghost may be a play on the New York Post, one of America's oldest newspapers.
  • The "Sunset Edition" appears to mimic the Daily Prophet's publication of an "Evening Prophet" edition.
  • The New York Ghost reported about European Aurors searching for Gellert Grindelwald in London, Paris, and Berlin. All of those cities were featured in later films of the Fantastic Beasts series.[10][11]


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