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The following is a list of known articles published in The New York Ghost.


20 November 1926 Sunset Final Edition

The New York Ghost - 20 Nov 1926 Sunset Edition.png

28 November 1926 edition

The New York Ghost Nov 28.jpg

1 December 1926 Sunset Final Edition


2 December 1926 Sunset Final Edition

New York Ghost Dec. 2, 1926

  • Wicked Wireless
  • Picquery Calls For Calm - (MACUSA Headquarters - NYC)
    • Gellert Grindelwald marshals Dark wizards - (Ministry of Magic - London)
  • Culture
    • Priceless Relic Or Obsolete Portkey? Decoding Your Attic Antiques
    • Spirit sounds: how the banshee cry is soothing the senile
  • Sports
    • Gobstone Gallery: Team U.S.A's Success Throughout the Years
  • Wizbiz
    • The Token Titbit: Gossip you can't be deprived of
  • Special Report
  • Japanese Kappa Washed Up on Western Seaboard - Aurors drafted in to placate befuddled Santa Barbara No-Maj sheriff
  • Baltimore Broomstick Ban Continues
  • Enchantress Rejects Claims of Foul Play in Beauty Pageant
  • Flobberworm Mucus Boosts Infant Immunity, Say Healers
  • Dragonologists warn against hazardous pesticides
  • President Seraphina Picquery Statement in Full
  • Other News
  • The MACUSA Index of Magical Exposure Threat - No. 99.547
  • Editorial
    • Animagi Campaign For Animal Welfare
  • Shikoba Wolfe Fine Wands ad
  • Darn it - Re-charm your rags! ad
  • Genealogy - Magical skills to harvest from your ancestors
  • Weather
  • Index
  • Improve Your Foxtrot with a Tarantallegra Charm ad
  • Games
    • Spot the Snargaluff
    • Rune Riddles
    • Pygmy Puff Pelmanism

6 December 1926 Sunrise Early Edition

The New York Ghost - 6 Dec 1926 - Sunrise Early Edition.png
  • No-Majs in Grave Danger Warns Piquery - (MACUSA Headquarters - NYC)
  • Culture
  • Wizbiz
    • Hallowe'en sees record-breaking sales of No-Maj brooms - Invenstment Opportunity?
  • Is Anyone Safe? Grindelwald Spreads Fear Worldwide - (MACUSA Headquarters - NYC)
  • Other News
    • Entertainer Convicted after Public Magical Juggling Display
    • Idahoan Foxtrot Dancer Caught Drunk behind Broom after Claiming Prize
    • Prehistoric Manuscripts Prompts Doubt over Wandlore Dates
    • Confounded No-Majs Misunderstand Crucial Democratic Vote
  • Scourer descendants in magical identity crisis - Heir reveals blight on family, seeking freedom from 'magical shackles'
  • Family Poltergeist Goes AWOL Following Altercation - Otherwise clement 'uncle Edward' jeopardizes wizard secrecy at family picnic in Central Park, hurling baked goods at No-Maj passers-by
  • MACUSA Officials Demand More Witches in the Workplace
  • Venomous Tentacula Traps Burglar in Tenements Robbery
  • Editorial
    • Grindelwald's Stratagem? World Domination?
  • The MACUSA Index of Magical Exposure Threat - No. 99.885
  • We Need Obliviators! MACUSA is Recruiting - If you think you have what it takes to become an obliviator at MACUSA...
  • CounsOwl
  • Lunar Low-down
  • Weather
  • Index
  • Moon & Sun Aspects

6 December 1926 Sunset Final Edition


7 December 1926 Sunset Final Edition

The New York Ghost Dec 7.jpg
  • Weather
  • Recruitment
    • Become an Obliviator!
  • Divination Supplement - every Friday
  • Index
  • Moon & Sun Aspects
  • Prominent No-Maj Killed by Magical 'Beast': MACUSA Headquarters raises security level - (MACUSA Headquarters - NYC)
    • No-Maj Senator brutally murdered, hundreds of people injured. Panic soars! Pg. 2
  • Culture
    • No-Maj Cabaret Singer is a Goblin? (Music p. 7)
    • Casting commences on "Big Foot Last Stand" Broadway adaptation at full speed
  • Sports
    • Wizards Baffled! Is Soccer the No-Maj's Quidditch?
    • USA Quidditch League Top Players in forbidden potions SCANDAL (Quidditch Corner p. 7)
  • Wizbiz
  • Undercover AURORS called to City Hall: Top Aurors Squad Apparated at City Hall to investigate
  • Major Investigation Department hunting all wanted criminals
  • Aurors to Shut Down Speakeasies Around the Country
  • President Seraphina Picquery calling for all Aurors to be on full alert: International support not yet confirmed. - (MACUSA Headquarters - NYC)
  • MACUSA and The I.C.W. to crack down on illegal wizards
  • No-Majes in total Panic! MACUSA to protect agitated New York population
  • Editorial
    • Scared parents asking Ilvermorny School to hold all students during the holiday season
  • The MACUSA Index of Magical Exposure Threat - No. 67.26
  • Public Notice
    1. Be Vigilant!
    2. Be Prepared!
    3. Be Safe!


6 January 1927

The New York Ghost - 1927.png
  • Fearless Porpentina Goldstein (Re)Appointed as Auror
  • President Picquery to award Ms. Goldstein
  • Grindelwald Extradition Date Confirmed
  • Special Report: Is the wizarding world now at peace?
  • Other News: Alaska warlocks suspected in contraband
  • International Confederation of Wizards summit to take place in London
  • Culture
    • Priceless Relic or Portkey? Decoding your attic antiques
    • Spirit sounds: how the banshee is soothing the senile
  • Sports
    • Gobstone Gallery: Team USA's success throughout the years
  • The MACUSA Index of Magical Exposure Threat - No. 101.923
  • Genealogy: Magical Skills
  • Weather
  • Improve your Fox Trot
  • Games

30 May 1927 Sunrise Early Edition

The New York Ghost 30 May 1927.png
  • Grindelwald Extradition to Europe
  • International Confederation of Wizards Summit to take place in London
  • Presidential affairs
  • Editorial
    • Is the wizarding community now at peace?
  • Alaska warlocks suspected of contraband
  • Culture
    • Hit Broadway Musical 'Oh Rosana!' to enjoy wizarding adaptation
    • "You are Jazzed!" The ultimate jinx
  • Sports
    • Snitch stolen! Quidditch players baffled
  • Wizbiz
  • President Picquery to receive ICW prestige honor
  • How to identify an Obscurus
  • Major International operation in place
  • Obliviation emergency: tipsy No-Maj trapped in MACUSA revolving door
  • Squee! Wizards flee Blind Pig
  • Ilvermorny to introduce Creature Care Curriculum
  • Wolfsbane seeds found in No-Maj nursery
  • Confirmed: Caxambu water is magical and powerful
  • Presidential affairs
  • Ministry of Magic Aurors on Full Alert
  • End of the Rainbow "I Found the Treasure" Claims Free House Elf
  • The MACUSA Index of Magical Exposure Threat - No. 102.225
  • Weather
  • Moon & Sun Aspects
  • Divination Supplement !Every Friday!
  • Games
  • Firecracker Fitness: Pyrotechnics Aerobics
  • Wicked Wireless: Jazzy tuned to make you swoon
  • Revolutionize your rodent: nutritious feed to get the whiskers twitching
  • Tonight's Sky: Look out for constellations
  • Spirit & Spook: Your haunted portion
  • Leisure By Measure: Life balance solved through alchemy
  • Hi-Jinx & Havoc
  • Romance in Runes: Reading the Signs in your relationship
  • Obituary
  • Travel
  • Weekend Breaks by Broom - This week's hit spot: Nashville
  • Tabby Talk: Build better bonds with your feline friends
  • Basic Witch: How average is your spellwork?
  • Hex-It!
  • Games: Wizard's Checkers
  • Rune Riddles
  • In the next edition of The Ghost
    • Magical ?Myths? Revealed - 3 page Special
    • Ancient Egypt: Discover the truth about our magical ancestors - 2 page historical special
    • Dark Arts!Exposed!
    • Top Ten Brooms: The best accessories and the latest models! Special Feature
    • Recruitment Special - 2 page feature

Unknown date


New York Ghost - unknown edition - FB-F.png


The New York Ghost - Ilvermorny.png
  • Vogue For Divination Studies: Ilvermorny School to Offer Extracurricular Xylomancy
  • Travel - Favorite Portkeys
  • Central Park Spectre...
  • Weekend Sojourns by Broom
  • Celestial Update
  • The Lunar
  • No-Maj Trapped in MACUSA Revolving Door
  • Public Notice: !Be Vigilant! ... !Be Prepared! ... !Be Safe! ...
  • Dark Wizard Terror Threat


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