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"A son cruelly banished
Despair of the daughter
Return, great avenger
With wings from the water.
— Prophecy 20 by Tycho Dodonus[src]

The Predictions of Tycho Dodonus was a book published sometime before 1927 that recorded the often poetic prophecies of the Seer Tycho Dodonus. It was known to many people of the time, including Yusuf Kama, Tina Goldstein, Torquil Travers and Albus Dumbledore.[2][1]

Prophecy 20

The wizarding world learned of the existence of an Obscurial named Credence Barebone after he nearly destroyed New York in 1926. Following this discovery, rumours began to circulate that Credence might be Corvus Lestrange, the lost child of the pure-blood Lestrange family. Those who believed the rumours pointed to The Predictions as proof of their claims, and one prophecy in particular: This prophecy concerned a son 'cruelly banished' (Corvus), the despair of his surviving sister (Leta Lestrange), and a 'great avenger' who would arise to kill the son. Yusuf Kama, the last of his own pure-blood line, had sworn an Unbreakable Vow to his dying father to kill Corvus Lestrange, and believed himself to be the great avenger.[3]

This prophecy was proven to not be about the Lestrange family when Leta Lestrange revealed her darkest secret: While on a ship to the United States, she grew angry at her baby brother's constant crying and switched him for a quieter baby (revealed to be Credence). Before she could reveal what had happened, the ship began to sink and was evacuated, leaving Corvus to tragically drown, something which haunted Leta for the rest of her life.


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