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The Three Sheets was a pub housed in Diagon Alley. It looked like a pirate ship, and it had a hanging sign of a sailing ship. They had a pirate flag, a unicorn sign and they had a statue of a unicorn at the very top.[1]

It was near The Harpy's Bazaar, Vietch's Leeches, Bats! Bats! Bats!, and Nollikins for Scrolls & Skins.[2]

If one wanted to get food, one had to go through a door to the right under a sign saying "down the hatch for victurals", and they encouraged people to try their covey crumpets.[1]


The pub's name was taken from the idioms "three sheets in/to the wind", meaning drunk.[3][4][5]

Behind the scenes

  • The house recommended covey crumpet is a nod to Covey Crump, who served the Royal Navy and published a book of compiled naval slang, abbreviations, legends and historical tit-bits.[6][5]


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