The Unforgivable was a 21st century organisation that appeared to be responsible for the Calamity.[1]


A mysterious organisation that was involved in the Calamity, the Unforgivable communicated through notes delivered through Foundables and false memories. These communications revealed that two members used the codenames Lethifold and Barghest. "Barghest" was possibly the codename of Grim Fawley, a suspected member and the person originally accused of casting the Foundables Spell.[1]


In the winter of 2020, the Unforgivable began a campaign to "bring them back", which was believed by Constance Pickering to be a plot to resurrect Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Through the Unforgivable's manipulation of the Calamity and their subsequent access to Harry Potter's memories, famous Death Eaters began manifesting as a new form of Foundable known as Adversaries.[1]

In the winter period of 2020-2021, Muggle journalist Brice Badeaux became witness to multiple Foundable traces and reported them online in a serious breach of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. This was in spite of Statute of Secrecy Task Force members taking all precautions against discovery. When caught with a Triwizard golden egg Foundable, he attempted to run away with his evidence, but was caught and obliviated. Brice seemed to have foreknowledge regarding the Wizarding World and knew that he would be stopped and obliviated, raising concerns that he had been aided by the Unforgivable.[2]

In the spring of 2021, the Unforgivable threatened Harry Potter and Hermione Granger after the two began wrenching control of Calamity surges away from the cabal. The two feared that their children would be targeted, but Harry insisted on continuing to fight against the Unforgivable. Harry redirected a Calamity surge and controlled it using memories of the Marauders. When Minerva McGonagall was uncharacteristically late in reporting to the SOS Task Force, Constance Pickering, Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger feared she had been attacked. By April, it became apparent that while Minerva was unharmed, Ginny Weasley had been attacked and Ronald Weasley had been abducted.[3]

Following their attack on Harry's wife and Hermione's husband, the Unforgivable unleashed a surge of Dragon Adversaries. While this was disastrous, it allowed Harry to tap into somebody's memory of being forced to abduct Ron.[4] Shortly after, the Unforgivable unleashed a surge of Foundables related to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes where Ron worked. While the Unforgivable succeeded in intimidating Harry and Hermione, Harry even enlisted the help of MACUSA in the hopes of finding his best friend, this attack only made Hermione even more determined to bring the cabal to justice.[5]

Magical abilities and skills

  • Dark Arts: The Unforgivable were seemingly able to use dark magic to tap into the Calamity and control it for insidious purposes.[1]
  • Charms: This group was known to use Memory Charms to wipe clean the minds of those with incriminating information about their activities.[6][7]

Known members


Notes and references

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