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The Walk of the Qilin was a ceremony for the 1932 International Confederation of Wizards' Supreme Mugwump election held to watch the Qilin bow in front of the next Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, up close. It was held at the Eyrie in Bhutan, wherein a Qilin found a candidate pure of heart and would acknowledge them by bowing to them. The Qilin had unique abilities which provided a profound influence over who would ultimately be Head of the Confederation.[1]


The ticket to attend the ceremony

The ceremony was an ancient tradition. When the candidates for Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards attended the ceremony to find out who would be Head of the Confederation, a Qilin would be brought in to evaluate them and selected one they perceived pure of heart. They did not have to choose a person who intended to run for Supreme Mugwump, and could bow to anyone in attendance. If, however, the chosen candidate chose not to accept the position, the Qilin would pick another.[1]

A ticket could be acquired by purchasing them which would allow being able to watch the ceremony at the top of the steps in close proximity to the candidates.[2]


In 1932, Gellert Grindelwald, Vicência Santos, and Liu Tao who ran for Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, were of course present during the ceremony as they were runners and Grindelwald tried to cheat the ceremony by controlling a reanimated Qilin he had killed days earlier and revived the beast using necromancy.[1]

Jacob being tortured by Gellert Grindelwald

It bowed to him and after being elected, standing with Liu Tao and Vicência Santos, Gellert Grindelwald he then tortured the Muggle Jacob Kowalski with the Cruciatus Curse as punishment for falling in love with Queenie Goldstein (a witch), and seconds later, he declared that his war on the Muggle world started that day. Credence Barebone soon arrived and exposed Grindelwald for cheating.[1]

Without knowing what Albus exactly told Newt, Bunty Broadacre, securely delivered the second Qilin to Newt, quoting what she had said before, that no one can know everything and Dumbledore's scheme worked showing that Bunty had the case with the Qilin the whole time, with no one except Albus knowing.[1]

The ceremony went on and the second Qilin rightly selected the next leader. While Vogel claimed the first Qilin was the real one, it died again in his arms. The second Qilin was then recognised as the real one. Despite not being a candidate, it bowed to Albus Dumbledore who declined to accept the position. It then selected a second candidate, Vicência Santos. Grindelwald then tried to kill Credence in anger, causing Albus and Aberforth Dumbledore to intervene. Because he stopped Grindelwald by defending Credence in the clash, Dumbledore and Grindelwald's blood pact was broken. He somehow transported Grindelwald to another form of existence to continue duelling in order to protect those at the ceremony. After the duel ended in a stalemate, all the wizards presented attacked Grindelwald except Dumbledore by firing spells at him, and Grindelwald was forced to escape after shielding himself briefly from their attacks and declaring he was not their enemy, before jumping from the cliff and Disapparating.[1]


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