"Their hearts must be husks, shrivelled by the demands of these mewling offspring!"
—The Warlock on his friends[src]

The Warlock looking down on his peers

The friends of the Warlock were, to him, fools who fell in love. They all wed and became parents, while the Warlock watched and "congratulated himself upon the wisdom of his early choice", being that he was "never to fall prey to such a weakness."[1]

Thinking about his friends' decision to have children, the Warlock sneered inwardly as he thought that their hearts must be husks, shrivelled because of their offsprings' demands. Later in the story, however, we see that the Warlock's own heart (which he has cut out of his body and locked in an enchanted casket to stop himself from falling in love) is shrivelled, shrunken, and covered with black hair due to its long separation from the warlock's body.

When the Warlock aimed to earn the hand of marriage from a wealthy, talented and beautiful Maiden, his friends believed he changed out of love, not realising that he only desired her as a trophy wife to nurse his injured pride when his servants mocked and pitied him for his inability to attract a wife despite his wealth.


Notes and references

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