Mrs Nott was a witch, the wife of Mr Nott, and the mother of Theodore Nott. She died sometime after her son's birth in 1979 or 1980 but before his fifth year of 1995, leaving her elderly husband to raise Theodore on his own.[1] Theodore's ability to see Thestrals[2] may have originated in witnessing her death.


Her husband became one of Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters at some point before 1971[3] and might have attended school with him as one of his earliest Death Eaters, but it is unknown when Mrs Nott attended school or if she supported the aims of Lord Voldemort, whether as a Death Eater herself or as a sympathiser like Narcissa Malfoy.

It is unknown how or when she died. Considering her husband was described as "stooped" on 24 June 1995[4] and "very elderly" around the same time,[1] she might have been elderly herself and died of natural causes.


Notes and references

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