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Theseus Scamander (b. 1888/1889)[1] was an English wizard and Auror for the British Ministry of Magic.[8][9][10] He was the son of Mrs Scamander and Mr Scamander and the older brother of Newton Scamander.[8][11]

Theseus was regarded as a war hero after his involvement in the First World War, and was promoted to Head Auror during the early days of the global wizarding war, with Theseus greatly contributing to the effort against Gellert Grindelwald.


Early life

Theseus Scamander was born into the wizarding Scamander family sometime around 1888,[1] and had at least one sibling, a younger brother, Newton,[8] better known as Newt. Despite their mother's hobby of breeding fancy Hippogriffs, Theseus evidently never shared his brother's interest in the field of Magizoology, and regarded caring of magical creatures as a fine way of passing the time, but did not take it seriously as a professional pursuit. This was an opinion he apparently had in common with his mother, as neither of them seemed to be very impressed with his younger brother's career.

At some point, he gained ownership of a wand.

Hogwarts years

Educated at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Sorted into Hufflepuff House,[7] Theseus attended the school from around 1899 to 1906. While there, he was implied to have been a popular and academically gifted student, to the point of having been referred to as a "schoolboy hero".[12]

Early career

An accomplished wizard, upon completing his magical education, Theseus joined the British Ministry of Magic. Like his younger brother, he was noted to have possessed a great sense of humanity and, wanting to "fight the good fight", joined the British Auror Office, a job at which he was very good.[10]

First World War (1914–1918)

In 1914, the Muggle world fell into a state of massive, international conflict that became known as the First World War, and though then Minister for Magic Archer Evermonde passed an emergency legislation forbidding the British wizarding community from getting involved in the hostilities,[13] Theseus participated in the wizarding efforts during the historical conflict. Known to have had a highly reputable calibre in the war, Theseus was noted to have served with distinction, as even though his involvement was not decisive, his life-saving actions was ultimately awarded through his widespread, international recognition as a well-respected war hero for years to come.[14]

Global wizarding war (1920s–1945)

Theseus would continue to work for the Ministry following his return to Britain and rose to become a very high-ranking and well-respected Auror indeed, to the point where, when a Dark wizard by the name of Gellert Grindelwald became active in the wizarding world and begun to muster support for the cause of bringing about the annulment of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, and subsequently earned him the discontent of both Theseus's own superiors as well as the International Confederation of Wizards, Theseus was assigned by the Ministry to leave for Europe to help track him down. A notable achievement, considering the fact that the whole department wanted the case.

At the time, he had no knowledge of his brother's whereabouts, whose work for the Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau involved extensive, research-related travelling, Theseus excitedly wrote him an owl and told him of his mission; wishing him well "wherever [he was]" on "whatever beastly quests [he was] undertaking!".[15] While his efforts to "ferret out" the aspiring revolutionary ultimately proved unsuccessful,[16] it was implied by Gellert Grindelwald during his rally in Paris in 1927 that Theseus might have fought and killed several of his followers during this time.[17] By 1927, he had been promoted to the position of Head of the Auror Office.

Hunt for Gellert Grindelwald

As the revolutionary endeavours of Grindelwald grew ever fiercer and the number of individuals who joined his cause began to increase steadily, with both Grindelwald and his supporters having began launching several devastating attacks across Europe, aimed at exposing wizardkind, and provoke war with the Muggle world, any help Theseus could have provided in opposing him were most likely halted by people in authority such as Minister Hector Fawley, who did not take the threat Grindelwald and his legion of fanatics seriously, seen as he was still working nationally by the mid-1920s.

In 1926, Theseus corresponded with the man whom he assumed to be Percival Graves, the Director of Magical Security of MACUSA, regarding recent events in New York,[9][10] unaware that the man with whom he communicated was actually Gellert Grindelwald himself, in disguise.


Newt Theseus Leta and Bunty at Flourish and Blotts

Theseus with Newt, Leta and Bunty during launch at Flourish and Blotts

Leta Lestrange, a friend of Newt's from their school years, had become his fiancée. Theseus was going to marry her on 6 June, 1928, and Newt was supposed to be their best man. On 19 March 1927,[18] Theseus, alongside Leta and his brother's assistant, Bunty Broadacre, participated in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them launch party at Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley.

Newt Scamander's appealing


Theseus with Travers, Spielman and Guzman during Newt's appealing

Three months after Gellert Grindelwald's escape, Newt Scamander was appealing to revoke his travel ban for the fifth time. Theseus was included in his commission along with Torquil Travers, Rudolph Spielman and Arnold Guzman. Before entering the room, he warned Newton to behave more decently than usual.

During appealing, he revealed to Newt that Credence Barebone, the Obscurial, survived and had been sighted in Europe. They offered to restore Newt's travel rights if he will join the Ministry as an Auror and will kill Barebone. When Newt refused and walked out of the meeting, Gunnar Grimmson, the bounty hunter, had been hired to assasinate Credence. Theseus was infuriated about that and approached Newt outside the commission, telling him that eventually he would be forced to choose a side. Newt refused to do this, but Theseus embraced him to say goodbye and whispered to him that he was watched by the Ministry.

Questioning of Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore interrogated

Theseus during questioning of Albus Dumbledore

Shortly after, Newt was sent to Paris to save Credence from Grindelwald by Albus Dumbledore. When rumours of Newt's potential travel to France reached the British Ministry of Magic, Theseus along with Travers, Leta and a few Aurors were sent to Hogwarts Castle to question Dumbledore. Angered Travers cuffed Dumbledore into Admonitors and forbaded him from ever teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts again, after Dumbledore refused to fight Grindelwald for him. Leaving the classroom, Theseus was warned by Dumbledore, that if he ever trusted him, he should not let Travers to send himself at Grindelwald's rally.

French Ministry of Magic

Theseus kiss with Leta

Theseus kissing Leta and promising to be careful

During a visit in the French Ministry of Magic, Theseus participated in the deliberations during which he learned that Grindelwald was convening a rally for his supporters. After providing this information to Leta, he kissed her. The woman asked her fiancé and told him to promise that he would be careful, which Scamander agreed, and then told her that rumours were circulating about that Credence might be her missing brother. In reply, Leta said that her brother died. Theseus agreed with her, but also noticed that the documents would confirm it, because they never lied and left her.

Theseus also hesitantly listened to Torquil Travers, whom he had been at odds with for a long time. Travers ordered him to arrest everyone at Grindelwald's rally. Scamander tried to protest, because too strong a reaction could bring the opposite effect, but his supervisor stated that it was an order and therefore not subject to discussion.

Theseus trying to attack Newt and Tina

Theseus trying to attack Newt and Tina

Seconds after exchanging sentences with Travers, Theseus covered Tina Goldstein and Newt, which used a Polyjuice potion with Theseus's hair to break into the Ministry headquarters without being wanted. Furious Theseus pursued them and caught up with Newt, on whose sight had been triggered by an alarm, because polyjuice stopped working. Older brother tried to stop them by casting a spell, but Tina blasted him into a wall and tied him up.

Grindelwald's rally

Theseus at Grindelwald's rally

Theseus during Grindelwald's rally

At Cimetière du Père-Lachaise Theseus ordered the Aurors to break up Grindelwald's rally. However, he defied Travers by saying that listening to Grindelwald was legal. Grindelwald recognised the group and portrayed them as violent and those who imprisoned and tortured him in New York in search of the truth. Then, one witch attacked an auror named Cassius Bell, but he killed her in self-defence, which caused Grindelwald to sent his followers to spread the word and began the fight. Theseus was the one who gave the word to engage Grindelwald in combat, provoking him into conjuring a black ring of fire. He listened to him threaten them into joining him or accepting death as the alternative.

After virtually everyone had made their decision, Theseus joining Newt in a double spell projected to deflect Grindelwald's fire. Leta interfered and sadly expressed her love for both Theseus and Newt. She proceeded to distract their enemy by stunning Vinda Rosier, horrifying Theseus as Grindelwald turned and directed the fire into her flesh while he could only frantically throw up protective barriers. Leta shouted at him to leave in her final moments, but he refused to leave without her, refusing to accept that she was sacrificing herself for their safety. Newt grabbed his hand, forcing him to Disapparate by his side.

Theseus fighting with flames

Theseus fighting with the flames

Grindelwald Disapparated, but he unleashed deadly fire outside the mausoleum before he fled the scene. Theseus, Newt, Tina, Yusuf Kama, Nagini and Jacob Kowalski were close to death, but Nicolas Flamel arrived and instructed Scamander brothers, Porpentina and Kama to use the General Counter-Spell. Theseus listened to his advice and stuck his wand into the ground and helped defeat Grindelwald's fire. Theseus, horrified at the loss of his fiancee, started crying, and Newt, also saddened, hugged his older brother.[19]

Back to Hogwarts

Hogwarts Entrance TCOG

Theseus and others at Hogwarts

After the battle, Theseus, travelled along with Newt and other survivors back to Hogwarts, picking up on the way Travers and Spielman. He forbade Travers to meddle in the conversation between Newt and Dumbledore, and also got rid of the admonitors, which Travers had conjured up earlier, while allowing Newt to deliver Grindelwald's pendant to Dumbledore.

Hog's Head Inn

The Secrets of Dumbledore - Scamander Brothers

Newt and Theseus in Hogsmeade

In 1932, Theseus accompanied Newt on his way to the Hog's Head Inn, where the brothers would meet Albus Dumbledore. In the inn, they met Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus's brother, who showed them the room where Albus was waiting. Albus showed them that he could not destroy the Blood Pact's pendant, nor could he even think of attacking Grindelwald. Dumbledore said he had a plan to stop Grindelwald, but Theseus had to trust him.[20]

Trip to Berlin

The Secrets of Dumbledore - Theseus Newspaper

Theseus reading the Daily Prophet on the train

Theseus, along with Newt, Yusuf Kama, Jacob Kowalski, Lally Hicks and Bunty Broadacre, took off the Great Wizarding Express to Berlin. Newt was to give selected people items donated by Dumbledore at some part on their trip, and Theseus got a tie with a large gold hairpin.[20]

German Ministry of Magic

Theseus Scamander is overthrown in the German Ministry of Magic

Theseus overthrown in the German Ministry of Magic

After Yusuf and Bunty split up, Theseus, along with Newt, Jacob, and Lally went to the German Ministry of Magic, where an event organised by the International Confederation of Wizards was to take place. Suddenly, Theseus noticed Grindelwald's acolytes in the crowd, including Vinda Rosier, who he and Newt recognised from Paris, and threatened to arrest them. He was alone, however, and was quickly stunned by Helmut and then captured by the rest of Grindelwald's henchmen.[20]

Imprisonment in the Erkstag

Newt and Theseus escape from Erkstag

Newt and Theseus Scamander in Erkstag

Theseus was imprisoned in the Erkstag prison. His tie from Dumbledore was taken and he was hung upside down over the juvenile Manticores. However, Newt came to the rescue. Together, they mimicked the Manticore gait in an attempt to break out of prison. Suddenly one of the other prisoners' lights went out, and the prisoner was dragged and eaten by the adult Manticore, invisible in the dark. At one point, Theseus and Newt also lost their light and began to flee from the adult Manticore. The adult wrapped its sting around Theseus and tried to pull him into its lair. Suddenly Newt noticed Pickett and Teddy racing with Theseus's tie. The Scamander brothers grabbed the tie and they escaped from Erkstag.[20]

Again at Hogwarts

The Secrets of Dumbledore - Heroes

Dumbledore's first army gathering in the Great Hall

Theseus and Newt landed at Hogwarts because the tie was a portkey. The Manticore's sting is still wrapped around Theseus, but it slides down to the Great Lake while still alive. The brothers went to the Great Hall, where Lally, Jacob, and Dumbledore were waiting. Dumbledore informed them that they would be going to Hog's Head for dinner.[20]

Theseus later went with Newt, Jacob, and Lally back to Hogwarts. When they entered the Room of Requirement, Bunty and Dumbledore were waiting there. In the centre of the room was a Qilin Ceremony Portkey that was supposed to transport them to the ceremony in Bhutan. There were also five suitcases waiting for them. In one of them was Qilin, in the others enchanted books, Bludgers, Quaffles and Jacob's pastries, which, if the suitcases were searched, would attack the Grindelwald's followers.[20]

The walk of the Qilin

--Eulalie Hicks and Theseus Scamander duelling in Bhutan

Lally and Theseus in a duel in Bhutan

In Bhutan, Theseus and Lally were attacked by Grindelwald's men. During the fight, they threw suitcases from which enchanted items escaped and attacked Grindelwald's people. On the way to the walk of the Qilin, Theseus and Lally met Yusuf, who chased away the rest of Grindelwald's henchmen.[20]

Theseus witnessed the Qilin bow to Grindelwald, making the Dark wizard the new Supreme Mugwump. He also saw Newt with Bunty's help pull out the second Qilin, showing everyone that Grindelwald was a liar. Theseus, along with the other Aurors, tried to capture Grindelwald, but in vain, as he escaped.[20]

Jacob's and Queenie's wedding

Theseus attended Jacob and Queenie's wedding ceremony in New York.[20]

Personality and traits

Theseus was frequently described as being "very powerful" and was noted to be "commanding".[9][10] Given his participation in the First World War, and his description as a hero, he appeared also to be extremely brave, and was therefore quite respected among International Confederation of Wizards officials. Theseus is highly intelligent, as he was academically gifted in both the theoretical aspects of his lessons, as well as their practical applications. In stark contrast to his anti-social younger brother Newt Scamander, Theseus is rather confident and outgoing.

Despite this bossy and prim reputation, Theseus is a well-meaning, hard-working, noble, and responsible man, in true Hufflepuff fashion not allowing his status as a war hero to make him arrogant or conceited, and seemingly attempting to act as a good role model to his younger brother Newt Scamander. Theseus loved Newt, and attempted to give him useful advice to keep Newt out of political trouble, and patiently put up with the bitterness with which Newt treated him, simply wanting the best for his brother. Theseus is also quite affectionate, with him notably hugging Newt (though the latter was initially uncomfortable with this), and kissing his beloved fiancee Leta Lestrange.

Moreover, Theseus seems to despise violence, since he admitted to Newt that he hated the idea of Gunnar Grimmson going after Credence for the British Ministry. Theseus's nobleness is also shown when he acted calm and quiet while visiting Albus Dumbledore, as opposed to the arrogance and disdain with which with his boss Torquil Travers carried himself, with Theseus also taking to heart Dumbledore's advice about not showing counter-productive violence against Gellert Grindelwald's army during the Paris rally. However, Theseus was tragically unable to stop one of his own Auror subordinates from making that mistake at the rally.

Also, after fellow Auror Tina Goldstein tied Theseus up, demanding that he "control his temper", Theseus was noble again by not resenting her for that later, understanding Tina's loyalty to Newt. Overall, Theseus lived up to his brave reputation, and had an incorruptible moral code, as he was able to resist Gellert Grindelwald's persuasive speech, and even had the bravery to subsequently duel Grindelwald, despite knowing that he was no match for the fearsome Dark wizard. Theseus also dearly loved his late fiancée Leta Lestrange, not caring about her negative reputation, and her selfless death devastated Theseus, but left him more determined than ever to help stop Grindelwald and end the global wizarding war, so he readily frees Dumbledore of the latter's Admonitors.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Magical mastery: Theseus Scamander was described as "very powerful", and was skilled enough to become a respected Auror for the British Ministry of Magic. While Theseus alone was admittedly no match for the extraordinarily powerful Gellert Grindelwald, Department of Magical Law Enforcement Head Torquil Travers trusted the combined might of Theseus and the latter's subordinate Aurors with the task of bringing Grindelwald in after Albus Dumbledore refused to, with even Dumbledore seemingly believing that Theseus could survive a fight with Grindelwald if aided by his allies. Indeed, Theseus proved powerful and skilled enough to be able to survive such an event, alongside Newt and Leta, and was moreover able to aid his brother, future sister-in-law, Yusuf, and Nicolas Flamel in saving Paris from Grindelwald's black fire with the General Counter-Spell.
  • Auror skills: Theseus Scamander, as the Head Auror, was a very skilled Auror. During the Global wizarding war, Theseus was trusted by the British Ministry of Magic with the mission to participate in the international manhunt for Gellert Grindelwald (which proved unsuccessful), and later with the international mission to help the French Ministry of Magic to track down the Obscurial Credence Barebone, with Theseus's Auror team ultimately succeeding at finding Credence in the Lestrange family Mausoleum. Theseus was also observant enough to quickly notice his brother Newt and American Auror Tina Goldstein infiltrating the French Ministry, despite their efforts to be discreet.
  • Duelling: As the Head Auror, Theseus would have been skilled with offensive and defensive magic. Theseus was however overpowered by fellow Auror Tina Goldstein due to being caught off-guard by her. Although Theseus was no match for the incredibly powerful Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald alone, while aided by the combined efforts of his brother Newt and girlfriend Leta as well as future sister-in-law Tina, he could still stand his ground against Grindelwald for a time. In Bhutan, he and Eulalie Hicks were capable of combating Grindelwald's followers with offensive magic, although the two of them were outnumbered. For example, he was able to imprison an unnamed follower in a wall. However, they did defeat the first wave of Grindelwald's forces and the German Ministry of Magic. He and Eulalie only surrendered, temporarily, when Helmut and his reinforcements arrived and surprised them from behind.
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: As an Auror, Theseus was skilled with combating the Dark Arts. He was confident enough to face Gellert Grindelwald in the Lestrange Mausoleum, and was able to extinguish the dark fire produced by Grindelwald's Protego Diabolica with the General Counter-Spell effectively.
  • Charms: Theseus was shown to be capable with charms, being particularly apt in the use of defensive charms and counter-spells, as shown by his ability cast a Shield Charm strong enough to protect himself for a prolonged period of time against Grindelwald's lethal black fire. He also later proving proficient enough in the General Counter-Spell, as he was able to use it to a large enough scale alongside Nicolas Flamel, Newt, Tina and Yusuf in containing and extinguishing Grindelwald's fire.
  • Apparition: Theseus, like most accomplished adult wizards, could Apparate at will.
  • Leadership skills: Theseus, as the Head Auror in the British Ministry of Magic, had exceptional leadership skills, with him very effectively commanding a team of no less than fifty Aurors at Grindelwald's rally, and even Albus Dumbledore seemed to respect the Auror's leadership, since he took the time to give the younger man some useful advice. Tragically, however, Theseus was unable to stop one of his Auror subordinates from using the Killing Curse at the rally.
  • Indomitable willpower: Theseus possessed immense willpower and bravery, being a respected hero of the First World War, and joining in on the subsequent Global wizarding war as the Head Auror without hesitation. As such, despite recognising Gellert Grindelwald as a "charismatic blighter", and despite seeing horrifying visions of a future Second World War, Theseus's moral code was incorruptible, and therefore, he resisted Grindelwald's persuasive speech, and continued valiantly fighting to break up the rally, whilst at the same time rejecting Travers' oppressive orders to arrest anyone simply for being present.


  • Wand: Theseus's wand had a tortoiseshell handle, to represent his elegance and for a man who would do rather well for himself in his future. His wand wood, core and length were all unknown.
  • Tie: Theseus was gifted this red tie in 1932 by Dumbledore, that served as a Portkey. It possessed a gold phoenix emblem.[20]


Newt Scamander

Newton Scamander SODM

Newt Scamander, bother

While not very impressed with his brother's career, it would still appear that they got along reasonably well, given the light-hearted tone of the letter he sent his brother. Even so, he still had certain high expectations of his brother, demanding that Newt pick a side in the war against Grindelwald when the news reached them that the dark wizard had escaped MACUSA custody, and resumed his rise to dominance over the wizarding world. Even though Newt is distant and bitter towards Theseus, due to his older brother's engagement to his ex-girlfriend Leta Lestrange, Theseus harbours no ill will towards his brother, and has a tendency to hug Newt, much to Newt's discomfort. However, after Leta sacrifices her life to save the both of them, a devastated Newt is the one to initiate a hug with Theseus, mending their relationship, and assuring his brother that he has finally chosen a side in the global wizarding war.

Ministry family

Theseus Scamander with his brother Newt Scamander and fiancée Leta Lestrange

Theseus was taken by Newt to meet Dumbledore at the Hog's Head Inn in Hogsmeade. Albus presented them with a plan to defeat Grindelwald. During a trip to Berlin, Theseus received a tie from Newt given by Dumbledore. While visiting the German Ministry of Magic, Theseus was kidnapped by Grindelwald's acolytes. While Theseus was locked up in the Erkstag prison, Newt came to rescue his brother and set him free. The brothers were almost eaten by the giant manticore. Fortunately, they grabbed Theseus's tie, which turned out to be a Portkey for Hogwarts. Theseus and Newt also travelled to Bhutan, where Newt discovered Grindelwald's lie during the walk of the Qilin. Both brothers attended Jacob and Queenie's wedding in New York, where Newt was comforted by Theseus that he was unnecessarily worrying about the speech after he saved the world.

Leta Lestrange

Leta with Theseus

Theseus Scamander with his fiancee Leta Lestrange

While it is unknown what kind of relationship they might have had during their younger years, if any, Theseus and Leta would eventually get better acquainted at the Ministry of Magic, where he worked as the Head Auror, and she as the assistant to the Head of Magical Law Enforcement, Torquil Travers, resulting in the gradual burgeoning of a mutual love between them, and an engagement. Leta's death left Theseus absolutely devastated, and he readily agreed to free Albus Dumbledore of the Admonitors, so that the professor could more actively help in the war against Grindelwald.

Torquil Travers

Torquil Travers

Torquil Travers, his boss

Despite Theseus's boss Travers usually being an arrogant, mean-spirited and abrasive man, he respected Theseus enough to promote him to the position of Head Auror following the First World War, and trusted Theseus and the latter's Auror subordinates with the extremely dangerous mission of going after Grindelwald in Paris, in cooperation with the French Ministry of Magic.

Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore SODM

Albus Dumbledore, his former professor and friend

Dumbledore was Theseus's former professor, and he respected the young Head Auror significantly, giving Theseus some useful advice on how to act while infiltrating Grindelwald's Paris rally. Theseus reciprocated the respect, as he took Dumbledore's advice to heart, and later returned to Hogwarts to free his former professor from Ministry Admonitors.

A few years later, Theseus and Newt went to the Hog's Head Inn in Hogsmeade to meet Dumbledore. Albus showed the brothers that he could not destroy the blood pact, to which Theseus was shocked why Dumbledore made it with Grindelwald. Albus told them how to defeat Grindelwald, and Theseus followed his former teacher's advice. When Theseus returned to Hogwarts with Newt and the rest of the team after his mission in Berlin, Albus was overjoyed to see that he was safe and sound. When during the walk of the Qilin in Bhutan, Grindelwald's lie was discovered by Newt and the Dark wizard escaped, Theseus made Dumbledore promise that he would catch and defeat him.


  • Theseus (Θησεύς) was the mythical king of Athens who is most known as having undergone the Labyrinth where he slew the Minotaur. Like his mythological namesake, he laboured for the common good and won wide renown (as both an Auror and a war hero), battling against moral evil (comparable to the monsters of mythological renown).
  • Though it may seem Newt's brother Theseus has no connection with beasts on the outside, according to Euripides, Hippolytus (mythological Theseus's son with Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons) was a loyal follower of the goddess Artemis, who besides being more known as the goddess of the hunt, also functions (among other things) as "mistress of the animals" (in her capacity of her title as "Potnia Theron") & "nurse of youths" (epithet "Kourotrophos"); "Artemis" being one of Newt's middle names. Alternatively, Theseus's connection to beasts may be more direct. While Newt, nicknamed for a creature, seeks to protect animals, Theseus, with the name of a man who killed such a creature, the Minotaur, may have an opposing perspective.

Behind the scenes

SOD - character poster - Theseus Scamander

Theseus Scamander's poster


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