This letter was written by Theseus Scamander to his brother Newton Scamander describing the activities of Gellert Grindelwald.[1] Newton read the letter during his arrival by boat in New York on 6 December 1926.[2]

Contents of the Letter

Well, little brother,

I don't know how much you have heard wherever you are about what's going on in jolly old Europe but this chap Grindelwald has been making a lot of noise since you have been away.

Charismatic blighter, but the Ministry doesn't like him and nor does the International Confederation.

He has upset a few of the big wheels and he's gone underground. I have been chosen to go away and ferret him out. ___te the chance to be picked, actually, because the whole ___ment want to be on this case and it's taken some ___ hard work to reach this status.

___ wishing you well - wherever you are. ___ whatever beastly quests you are undertaking!

Best regards,



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