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"Snape was muttering incantations, pointing his wand at the wrist of the hand, while with his left hand he tipped a goblet full of thick golden potion down Dumbledore's throat. After a moment or two, Dumbledore's eyelids fluttered and opened."
— Snape administering the potion[src]

A thick golden potion was used by Professor Severus Snape in the summer of 1996 to treat the effects that the curse on the Ring Horcrux had on Albus Dumbledore, while chanting incantations and pointing his wand at the injured right hand. The potion and the spells together managed to hold the injury within his hand temporarily, but Snape was unable to prevent the curse from spreading, which would have been fatal for Dumbledore in around a year if he had not asked Snape to kill him at the top of the Astronomy Tower.[1]


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