The trio in their third year

"Most important of all, he had to buy his new schoolbooks, which would include those for his two new subjects, Care of Magical Creatures and Divination."
—Third year was the first in which students started electives[src]

A third year was a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who was in their third year of magical education, and were 13 to 14 years of age.

It was an important year for students, as they had to start elective courses. Every student had to select at least two elective courses to pursue, along with the core classes they also had to take.

During the third year


Third year students had to take: Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, Herbology, and two or more electives. Students could choose to drop an elective if it became a burden.[1]


Trelawney's first Divination lesson in the trio's third year


Students had to start two or more electives during this year. Divination taught methods of divining the future, or gathering insights into future events, through various rituals and tools. The magic taught in this class, as well as the ability to say prophetic things, was a branch of magic referred to as "divination." Arithmancy was apparently a more accurate (or at least more accepted) way of predicting the future, similar to an obscure but existing hobby of numerology the belief that number patterns existing in real life could be calculated to give information regarding the future.[2]


Care of Magical Creatures

Study of Ancient Runes was a mostly theoretical subject that studied the ancient runic scripts of magic. In Care of Magical Creatures, students learned about a wide range of magical creatures, from flobberworms to Fire crabs, and even unicorns and thestrals. Students were taught about feeding, maintaining, breeding, and proper treatment of these various creatures.[2] Muggle Studies was exactly what the name implies the study of the daily lives of Muggles and how they coped with not being magical, such as electricity, technology and science.


"Hogsmeade looked like a Christmas card; the little thatched cottages and shops were all covered in a layer of crisp snow; there were holly wreaths on the doors and strings of enchanted candles hanging in the trees."
—Hogsmeade description[src]
Pottermore background hogsmeade at christmas

Hogsmeade during Christmas

During this year, students had more freedom and independence. Hogsmeade weekend trips were special trips that third year and above students at Hogwarts could take on certain weekends to Hogsmeade village. They had to obtain the permission of a parent or guardian, who had to sign a permission slip.[3] If a student did not have the form signed, they could not enter the village and would have to stay at Hogwarts Castle in sight of the teachers.[4] If the form was signed but the student did something which disrupted the school's educational aura or safety, then they would lose their visitation rights for the rest of their year.


Defence Against the Dark Arts





History of Magic

Care of Magical Creatures

Muggle Studies


Required textbooks


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