"Professor Lupin had compiled the most unusual exam any of them had ever taken; a sort of obstacle course outside in the sun, where they had to wade across a deep paddling pool containing a Grindylow, cross a series of potholes full of Red Caps, squish their way across a patch of marsh while ignoring misleading directions from a Hinkypunk, then climb into an old trunk and battle with a new Boggart."
—Description of Lupin's third-year Defence Against the Dark Arts exam[src]

This Boggart was used by Professor Remus Lupin as part of his third year third year exam for his Defence Against the Dark Arts students. The exam consisted of a series of dark creatures used as obstacles, culminating with the Boggart inside a trunk as the final challenge.

Harry Potter successfully completed the exam, battling the Boggart and earning full marks. Hermione Granger reached the Boggart but after about a minute in the trunk, she ran out stating that the Boggart had taken the form of Professor McGonagall and told her that she had failed all of her exams. It took a little while to calm her down. Ronald Weasley did not reach the Boggart, having been confused by the Hinkypunk that preceded it.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • The trunk containing the Boggart can be seen on Pottermore in the moment featuring Lupin's exam, though the Boggart itself is not featured, presumably because the creators would have no way of knowing what form the Boggart would take for any particular member of the site.


Notes and references

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