The Thunderbolt VII is a broomstick produced in Manchester, England, as a competitor to the Firebolt Supreme. Many experts feel that the Thunderbolt VII has sacrificed safety for speed.[1]

The Nigerian National Quidditch team rode on Thunderbolt VIIs for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. There was a lot of controversy about it on their quarter-final defeat to Japan on 10 June, 2014. Nigerian Seeker Samuel Equiano's broom was hit by a Bludger, which smashed its tail off. All broomsticks ought to be able to take all Bludger hits, due to this, an inquiry into the Thunderbolt VII was immediately launched. Shortly after the match, unconfirmed rumours stated that a group of Nigerian warlocks were headed for the Thunderbolt Headquarters in Manchester.[1]


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