The Daily Prophet reports the disappearance of Timothy Hale, among others

Timothy Hale was a resident of Great Britain and one of the Aurors who mysteriously vanished during the London Five sometime during the mid-to-late 2010s. His disappearance occurred within a few hours of the other four Aurors. It was the first instance of people having gone mysteriously missing since the Second Wizarding War, and hence came as a great shock to the wizarding community of Great Britain at large. An investigation was launched by the British Ministry of Magic to try and locate Hale and his fellow victims. As time passed, however, the Ministry met a dead end when the trail went cold, and it was generally felt by many that the chance of finding Hale grew increasingly smaller, causing the despair of his family to increase and turn into outrage when the case was closed. As Gareth Greengrass indeed speculated, it is very likely that Hale was deceased, as of 2018, though there was a small chance he was still alive.[1]


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