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"Galloping gargoyles! Not so much as a warning! Outrageous behavior!"
—Professor Tofty, raging about the Stunner attack on Minerva McGonagall.[src]

Professor Tofty was a male wizard who worked for the Wizarding Examinations Authority in the capacity of examiner.


1995-1996 school year

During the Ordinary Wizarding Level exams of the 1995-1996 school year, Tofty examined Harry Potter in his O.W.L. practical examination on Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Astronomy, as well as his History of Magic theory essay. At the close of the Defence Against the Dark Arts examination, Professor Tofty asked Harry Potter to cast a Patronus for an extra point. He was good friends with Tiberius Ogden, who told him that Harry was able of conjuring a corporeal Patronus.

When Dolores Umbridge attempted a sneak attack on Rubeus Hagrid during the Astronomy exam, Professor Tofty tried to persuade the observing students to focus on their examination instead of the attack. However, when the Aurors launched four Stunning Spells at Professor McGonagall, causing her to collapse, Tofty also forgot the examination and shouted in anger and shock at such a disgraceful assault.

After Harry's vision of Sirius Black being tortured by Voldemort in the Department of Mysteries (actually a fake vision planted there by Voldemort to lure Harry there to retrieve a prophecy) during the History of Magic exam, Tofty escorted Harry out of the hall and told him to either return to finish what he could of the examination or visit Madam Pomfrey to get a glass of water.[1]

Appearance and personality

Tofty was an old, bald, wizard with a quavery old voice and pince-nez glasses. He had a kindly manner that could put a nervous student at ease, smiling at Harry, telling him there was no need to be nervous and expressing pleasure at Harry's excellent performance of Defence Against the Dark Arts. He may have also had a bit of a rebellious streak, as he delighted in asking Harry to cast a Patronus during an examination that was being held under the watchful eye of Hogwarts High Inquisitor Professor Umbridge. When students became distracted by the commotion during the Astronomy exam, he initially attempted to keep them on task, though his protestations had little effect as events escalated. He showed great shock and concern when Professor McGonagall was attacked and later showed concern for Harry following his collapse during the History of Magic exam.[1]

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

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