"Mr Weasley’s party kept climbing, and at last they reached the top of the staircase and found themselves in a small box, set at the highest point of the stadium and situated exactly halfway between the golden goal posts. About twenty purple-and-gilt chairs stood in two rows here, and Harry, filing into the front seats with the Weasleys, looked down upon a scene the likes of which he could never have imagined."

The Top Box was a portion of the Quidditch Trillenium Stadium reserved for the commentator Ludovic Bagman, the Ministers for Magic of Great Britain and Bulgaria, and other privileged guests. The box was located exactly midway between both sets of goalposts, roughly opposite the giant blackboard used for advertising and the scoreboard. Seating in the box was extremely limited; though the whole stadium could see one hundred thousand wizards, the Top Box held only twenty purple-and-gold seats. Seats could apparently be purchased by the general public, though they were very expensive: Lucius Malfoy cruelly noted to Arthur Weasley that selling the Burrow wouldn't cover the cost of seats for him and his family.[1]

At the end of the Cup, both teams briefly entered the Top Box, the Bulgarians for a complimentary handshake, and the Irish for the Cup presentation ceremony. During this time, the normally unlit box was magically illuminated so that the other wizards in the stadium could see inside.[1]

Known occupants


Notes and references

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